Professional Learning


Joining other schools from MAUSD, and throughout Vermont, Beeman staff attended the BEST Institute in Killington, VT from June 26-29.  The Beeman school community is learning how to improve academic and behavior outcomes using Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Pictured L-R: Michaela Wisell, District Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator; Kristine Everts, Principal; Susie Snow, Librarian/Tech Integration; Annette Carter, 5/6 Teacher; Meaghan Rice, School Counselor

Poetry on Stage!

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On Wednesday, June 14, the Share class recited poetry on Beeman’s outdoor stage. Families, friends and teachers enjoyed listening to their well-rehearsed poems. After eating popsicles and visiting, the students gathered everyone in their classroom to share student designed websites about countries around the world.

Nice work, third graders!

K/1 Beaver Pond Field Trip



On Tuesday morning, June 13th, Mrs. Kulhowvick’s K-1 class visited Cheryl and Don Mitchell’s Treleven Farm in New Haven as part of their study of beavers and beaver dams. ¬†After their walk to the beaver canals and dams, the students enjoyed catching pond creatures with nets and plastic sieves. ¬†All have been invited to return some Tuesday this summer to enjoy a nature program and more fun on the trails or in the pond.

Third Grade trip to Treleven Farm

We had a wonderful trip to Treleven Farm, the home of Don and Cheryl Mitchell who raise sheep, chickens, and are stewards of a beautiful piece of land. They are our farmer pen pals.

During our visit we hiked to a rocky outcropping where we looked out over the property and enjoyed beautiful views of the farm and of the sheep grazing in the meadow. While we were there, many of us saw a snake resting quietly in the crack of a rock which we hope to identify.

We ate our lunch by the pond and then investigated what lives IN the pond.  Children discovered cray fish, minnows, tadpoles, turtles, and salamanders to name just a few!  We ended our visit with a short work project to clear some small sticks from the labyrinth, and then reluctantly had to end our day to get back to school.

One Kind Kid

Over the course of this year, more than half of Beeman students have been caught doing a kind act, some several times.¬† Once “caught”, a notice was sent home, their name was posted on a bulletin board and then they were acknowledged at the first B.E.S.T of the month.¬† As the school year comes to an end, we looked at the students who had been caught being kind the most this year.¬† The names of the five students who had the highest number of referrals were put in a drawing and Ana Sansone was the lucky recipient of a Beeman t-shirt.¬† Kudos to all of the Beeman students and staff who noticed the kindness around them, making Beeman an extra kind place to be!



Puppet Show Practice

Some of the first graders are practicing for a puppet show about The Gingerbread Man.  Today, they had an entertaining rehearsal in the library.  The students worked on fluency and changing their voices for each character.