Health and Wellness at Beeman

Hello Beeman Community!
My name is Rachel Elliott and I am the new Health and Wellness Teacher at Beeman! This year has been a busy year already for Health and Wellness as we have already learned many important things!
To start the year in Physical Education we started with Adventure Physical Education. In this unit we focused on working together, challenging ourselves, problem solving, and building our classroom community. We also worked on following expectations and how to help ourselves, others, and helping our school and community within Wellness!
Our first unit in Health was centered around building important health skills. Some of these include affective communication, decision making, goal setting, and stress management.
In Physical Education we have just finished up our soccer unit and we are getting ready to move onto our floor hockey and striking unit. In soccer we worked on dribbling, passing, and shooting fundamentals as well as group work and some basic zone positioning games. Transferring the cooperative skills we built in the prior unit was very important when it came to being successful in our first team sport unit! Some groups have been practicing meditation at the beginning and end of class as well to help us be more aware of our bodies.
Our current unit in Health is our nutrition unit. In this unit we are learning about food groups, food labels, comparing healthy and unhealthy foods, and learning about fueling our body in a healthy way.
I have enjoyed working with all the students at Beeman and I am so excited for the rest of the year!

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Beeman Teacher Food Drive

Here are a few shots from the Beeman staff items collected to be donated to the Have-a -Heart food shelf.  A little healthy competition is always a great way to get those donations rolling in.

Beeman staff was divided into 6 teams in hopes that their team’s total donation would outweigh the other team’s.  Success! Beeman is proud to donate 518 lbs to the Annual Fill The Firehouse food drive, which will then be donated to the Have-A -Heart food shelf.

Sheryl Kimball

Puerto Rico – Beeman Art Studio

The culture of Puerto Rico is alive and well in the Beeman Art Studio! Excitement is in the air as the Fifth and Sixth Graders have kicked off their Art Service Learning Project to benefit Puerto Rico! Students will be transforming old, unused furniture that has been in storage at Beeman, and turning it into “Art Furniture”. The transformed chairs and desks will feature cultural aspects of Puerto Rico – like food, music, endangered animals and sports. The beautified furniture will be exhibited and then auctioned off in an online silent auction. Anyone and everyone may bid on the furniture! All funds will go to Puerto Rico for disaster relief!

So far, the Art classes have come up with ideas and created preliminary sketches in Ms. Gombosi’s art class. They are also studying the culture and doing some very creative work with Mrs. Carter in Social Studies, so it’s very cool that Art and the classroom are working together and supporting each other!

This week, eager 5 & 6 artists sanded rough surfaces and applied a base coat of gesso to the old wood.


Kate Messner Visit

The fourth, fifth and sixth graders welcomed award-winning author, Kate Messner, to Beeman on Monday, October 9. The students were excited to ask her about The Seventh Wish, her book on this year’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher book list. They were also eager to learn more about The Exact Location of Home and her upcoming book, Break Out.  Kate talked about how she researches each of her books, as well as how she decides on a topic to write about.

Kate was very impressed with our students’ thoughtful questions and how well prepared they were for the visit. She would love to come back for another visit!

We would like to thank the Vermont Book Shop for offering a 20% discount on books preordered for this event.  It was wonderful to work with, and support, a local business.

Forest Fridays in Kindergarten

On Fridays, I love to take my students to the outdoor classroom for an hour or so in the morning. Last week we took some time to appreciate the nature around us and used our skills as scientists to make good observations. We used our senses and discussed all of the things we noticed about the forest. Then we did some role playing and pretended we were the characters in the book “My Father’s Dragon” by Ruth Gannett. From gathering tangerines (pinecones) and crossing the ocean on stepping stones, we had a blast recalling the all the details of the book. My hope is that every Friday we will use our imaginations and learn through the means of play!

-Caitlin Christie