Drama is alive and well at Beeman!

Written by: Andy Flood, Fourth Grade Teacher

Over the past six weeks, the MEGA Team has been working on a production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and, with the coaching and guidance of Middlebury Town Hall Theater, the students put on two wonderful performances Friday, November 17th but their hard work went well beyond that one night. It included over a month of preparation, singing, acting, and a lot of practicing lines.
Students even helped creating the set and the costume designs that characters wore. All of this hard work was evident when it came time for the students to perform for the play. This included learning about the play, Shakespeare in general, and even playing a board game from Shakespearean times.

This took a lot of time and effort on our students’ part, but in the end it was clearly worth it.


The reviews are in. “Twelfth Night” was a resounding success.

Anonymous Beeman Staff Member

“Beeman’s participation in the production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night put on display the immense and diverse talents of our students. Stage fights, saxophone solos, theatrical deliveries and beautiful singing provided a high degree of entertainment impressing audiences at each performance.”


Anonymous Beeman Parent

“ It was so great to see EVERY kid engaged, proud, funny, and part of the team.”



Along with their teacher, Ms. Christie, Beeman’s kindergarten class created a bulletin board dedicated to sharing thoughts on gratitude.  Our students and teachers have been adding post-it notes with things for which they are thankful.  Here are a few:

  • I am thankful I have such an amazing view out my window.
  • I am thankful for my beautiful, kind children.
  • I am grateful for scientists and inventors.
  • I am grateful for my family.
  • I am thankful for friends, family and food.
  • I am thankful for working at Beeman.
  • I am thankful for toys, money, and teachers.
  • I am thankful for all the amazing students at Beeman.

As a staff, we are thankful for Bee Friends and for the tasty treats they provided for breakfast.

From our principal, Kristine Evarts:

Beeman elementary students are recognized beyond this building for being kind and compassionate to others throughout their years of learning.  We are a strong community of generous adults and students and take great pride in the ways we give back to the community around us.  We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Say Goodbye to the Math Myth: Math Brain

Written by: Annsunee Swift, Beeman Math Coach

Getting through school was not an easy task for someone who had to learn English as a second language at age 16. One class I felt confident in was Algebra. It wasn’t easy but there were no language barriers in that class. I could do the work, follow formula and done! Later on,  I persevered and worked hard through all the other math classes which were much harder and I had to do a lot to decipher in terms of English and math language. Often times, I questioned my intelligence especially during the graduate courses, such as Calculus and Function and Algebra. I felt equal to my peers but you know, it was hard to keep up especially when other people seemed to get the work done quickly and had interesting ways to solve problems.  My anxiety rose, self-doubts and negative thoughts poisoned my brain, and I quickly reverted to this old myth, “maybe I don’t have the math brain!”

The self-doubt times were hard to shake even though I don’t believe this myth for my students. I was so excited to learn there is real research which supports the belief that hard work does pay off and mistakes help grow the brain. The self-doubt days were over for me after I watched Dr. Jo Boaler, a professor from Stanford University, dispel the “math brain” myth.  I want to share with you my new math guru, Dr. Jo Boaler. She confirms my belief in hard work and perseverance and that everyone can learn new skills and that mistakes help grow your brain!  Please watch this video to dispel any math myths you may have believed and begin to make the mindshift. Help your children believe in themselves and their ability to learn and grow their brains. Teach them to have a growth mindset and foster the love of math learning in your home.

Also see some Dos and Don’ts Dr. Boaler suggested in this article.

Highly Recommended Math Games:


Num Tanga


Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.30.07 AM         Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.30.47 AM          Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 11.31.10 AM


The Power of Words


Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.41.21 AM

Young Writers
“It was a thing of beauty and was sent
To live its life out as an ornament.” -Robert Frost in Young Birch


Written by: Annette Carter, 5/6 Teacher

Are you good at unscrambling words? Try this one: aceeegmnnortu

Every year one of the favorite assignments for the ⅚ classes is our “BIG” word contest. Students are given a scrambled word and try to make as many words from that word to finally figure out what the word is when using all the letters. It is so popular many parents do it, too. I once had an email from a high school student telling me she had figured out the word that she had seen being passed about on a paper at Mt. Abe!


They have a lot of power.

We have been busy upstairs preparing for our Shakespeare production of the “Twelfth Night”. Students are using words and expressions they have never heard before. Words that speak of jealousy, love, anger, confusion, and revenge! We’ve been amazed as we find out words and phrases that Shakespeare coined like “Refuse to budge an inch” or “Wear my heart upon my sleeve” or “Milk of human kindness”.

Our focus this fall has been on words and their meanings. We have played with suffixes, prefixes and root words and made up some pretty fabulous words. Can you figure out what antianthrop means?

All the students in the 4th and 5th grade read the book “Frindle” about 5th grade Nick who gets assigned a report on the history of the dictionary which sparks an idea to invent a new word: “frindle”. We tried our hand at making up our own new word. Have you ever heard of a flagle(book)or an aniclotch(pencil box) or a cronnit(fan)?

We’ve traveled to Robert Frost country and read selected words and phrases that the poet penned in our own state. We used phrases and vivid verbs to try our own poetry in a field of beauty on a special fall morning.

Most of all, we have noted that words have the power to tear down, and the power to build up. As I was walking in the hall one day after student council announcements, I saw a student obviously distressed that he didn’t get the votes needed to be on the council. He was crying and probably feeling like most of us do when we don’t make the cut. We were coming in from recess and many of the students walked by. I saw one stop. He looked at this student and offered him “the milk of human kindness”.

“Don’t worry, you can try again next year. Besides, I voted for you!”


Words that have the power to turn our insecurities into confidence, our tears in smiles, and our doubt into hope.

Can you figure out the “BIG WORD” ? Write “yes” if you figured out the word!

Beeman Soccer

This fall, Beeman’s 1/2 Soccer team had a ball!  We had great participation!  After coaching the same crew for the third year, we were able to measure how much this group has  grown as soccer players and team mates!  The group enjoyed playing soccer games like “Red Light Green Light” and “Stuck in the Mud.”  A big highlight was our scrimmage with the 3/4 Boys.  The big boys showed us how the game can move at a quicker pace and how to spread out over the field.  We also really enjoyed our parent scrimmage on the very last day!  It was super cold out but so much fun!
Thanks to all the families that shared their children and worked hard to get them to games and practices!
Coach Erin and Coach Ashley