10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1…..Let the Auction Begin!!!

Written by Eileen Gombosi, Art Teacher
Painting for Puerto Rico: Online Silent Auction:
Bidding Begins: 7pm March 16
Bidding Ends: 7pm April 16

The Fifth and Sixth Grade Student Artists of Beeman School, under the direction of their art teacher, Ms. Gombosi, have come together as a positive force to raise money for relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The people, animals and environment were devastated by Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster in the island’s history. In a colorful service learning project, students have artfully transformed and repurposed chairs and desks from the school into culturally themed art furniture! Their hope is to make a positive difference through art!

The chairs and desks will be exhibited at the school’s “Take-a-Cake” event on March 16, from 6-7:30 in the Beeman Town Hall. The furniture will be exhibited again at the Naturalization Ceremony which is open to the community and takes place on April 12 in the Beeman Town Hall. You may also make an appointment to see the auction pieces by contacting Beeman Elementary during regular school hours. Please call (802) 453-2331 or email (egombosi@anesu.org) for more information.

100th Day Festivities!

Written by Caitlin Christie, Kindergarten Teacher
A few weeks ago the Kindergartners celebrated the 100th day of school with various activities surrounding the number 100. The students got to create a yummy snack by counting out 10 of each snack item and then counting by tens to get exactly 100 pieces. They also had a blast building structures out of 100 cups and playing a fun game called “Race You to 100”.
It was great to see how much the students loved being able to count to 100. I am so proud of everything they have been able to accomplish in just 100 days of school!

Big Change Roundup

We have wrapped up The Big Change Roundup and are thrilled with the contributions the Beeman community made for the Vt Children’s Hospital.  Each week, a schoolwide contest was held where the classroom who raised the most money was awarded something special, like breakfast cooked by Mrs. Roche and Ms. Evarts.  The final week of the Big Change Roundup is always a Staff vs. Students competition to see who can collect more change.  This year, the students suggested that if they could collect more change than the staff, that the staff would have to get dressed in the outfits of their (the students) choice.  Upon arrival to school, students dressed us up and then lined the halls to cheer for us as me made a parade through the building.


While this image only includes a portion of the dressed up staff, you can see that the students went all out!