Halloween Dance



Kate Messner Visit

The fourth, fifth and sixth graders welcomed award-winning author, Kate Messner, to Beeman on Monday, October 9. The students were excited to ask her about The Seventh Wish, her book on this year’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher book list. They were also eager to learn more about The Exact Location of Home and her upcoming book, Break Out.  Kate talked about how she researches each of her books, as well as how she decides on a topic to write about.

Kate was very impressed with our students’ thoughtful questions and how well prepared they were for the visit. She would love to come back for another visit!

We would like to thank the Vermont Book Shop for offering a 20% discount on books preordered for this event.  It was wonderful to work with, and support, a local business.

Forest Fridays in Kindergarten

On Fridays, I love to take my students to the outdoor classroom for an hour or so in the morning. Last week we took some time to appreciate the nature around us and used our skills as scientists to make good observations. We used our senses and discussed all of the things we noticed about the forest. Then we did some role playing and pretended we were the characters in the book “My Father’s Dragon” by Ruth Gannett. From gathering tangerines (pinecones) and crossing the ocean on stepping stones, we had a blast recalling the all the details of the book. My hope is that every Friday we will use our imaginations and learn through the means of play!

-Caitlin Christie

Annual Health Fair

Last week, Beeman students attended the health fair at Beeman Elementary School.  They learned about fire safety, toured an ambulance, met a police officer and his working dog, reviewed school bus safety and practiced healthy living exercises (zumba, yoga, walking, jogging, etc).  A huge thank you to our community for coming together to teach our students!

Kindergarten Artists

Kindergarten Artists celebrate the color RED during Art Class! Storytelling, painting and wearing red to school were some of the highlights of the day! The color days are a fun way to explore and discover the art, science, and expressive qualities of color as the Art Class works its way through all the colors of the rainbow.


Life Cycle of a Butterfly


Children in the second and third grade have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We had the opportunity to watch 9 caterpillars form their chrysalis’ and emerge as a Monarch Butterfly. We observed these changes and recorded them in our science journals and incorporated grammar practice by collecting nouns associated with the cycle. Some of the words students brainstormed were milkweed, larva, pollen, pupa, egg etc. We found the perfect place to release our butterflies in our colorful garden created by Bee Friends.