Taking Care of Others

Written by Meaghan Rice, School Counselor

As you all know, our second school wide rule is to Take Care of Others.  We see this happening in a variety of ways every day at Beeman and we strive to highlight this positive behavior as often as we can.  Given recent events in schools in our country, learning to take care of ourselves and others is more important than ever.  I am so fortunate to be able to work with students at Beeman on empathy building and consistently feel encouraged by what I see and hear from them.  Below are images of some of the small ways I’ve observed our second school wide rule in action this week:



Beeman 6th graders visit Project Independence twice a month to spend time doing activities, such as horseshoes, with the adults there.


The 1/2 class made valentines this week for a woman named Sara Conchieri, who was hospitalized after an accident in December and is now paralyzed.  We learned of her desire to spruce up her drab hospital room and students got to work making Valentines to send to her.  (http://www.mynbc5.com/article/paralyzed-vermont-woman-receives-hundreds-of-valentines-day-cards-to-decorate-hospital-room/17805590).


On Wednesday, when the Kindergarten class least expected it, Mrs. Carter’s class snuck down and decorated their door with messages of love and kindness.


And, the welcoming hearts throughout the front of Beeman that Mrs. Roche set up for us certainly made everyone feel special!



Staying Healthy and Active in Wellness Class

Written by Miss Elliott, PE and Wellness Teacher

Hey everyone!
Beeman students have been very busy in Wellness over the last few months. In December K-2 students finished a throwing and catching unit and a volleyball unit with the 3-6 students. Throughout the month of January students of all ages have been working on increasing levels of fitness during our fitness unit. Students practiced increasing muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular health, and flexibility throughout the unit. We also completed our FitnessGram testing and documented scores for everyone! Students are using these scores to create health and fitness goals for the future!
In health, we learned all about our bodies including muscles, bones, the heart and lungs, components of fitness, and the digestive system. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month; therefore, the younger students will be focusing on dental health and how to take care of their teeth! We have some exciting experiments planned related to dental care for this unit! Below is a link to a tooth brushing calendar you can print out and use to help your student manage daily dental care.

Tooth Brushing Calendar

Students in grades 3-6 will be learning new team games this month. Sabakiball and Team Handball will be our main focus. While younger students will be focusing on locomotor skills.

4 th grade students working hard during a nutrition unit in health:image2

Miss Christie’s kindergarten class even visited the gym to practice a push-pull using bowling balls and pins!


Let’s have a healthy and active February!

– Miss Elliott

Theatre Enrichment at Beeman

Written by Lydia Davison, First and Second Grade Teacher

Beeman was very spoiled this week with a lot of theatre enrichment! The Flynn visited our school to give companion workshops to every class in the school, thank you Robin Shalline for making that happen! The whole school will be going to see “Pilobolus” at the Flynn next week. This live performance will showcase dance and optical illusions, a truly unique experience.

We are all really looking forward to this and thanks to the workshops we will all have a little more understanding and connection with what we are seeing. Students got to experiment with becoming different objects through movement, these included elephants, flowers, and airplanes. Students also got to experiment with different color films that they could put in front of a flashlight to create a  unique backdrop for their shadow puppets.

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For more information on this great show visit the link below!

Seeing History and How it is Made

Written by Andy Flood, 4th Grade Teacher

The fourth grade and Share Class went on a field trip together on January 16, 2018, where we visited the State House and Vermont History Museum in Montpelier. In the museum the students got to actively walk through different eras of Vermont history, and this included seeing what homes, tools, technology, and clothes Vermonters had at different periods of time.

We also got to see the State House. We were led on a tour by a very knowledgeable volunteer, and they showed us the process an idea needs to go through to pass a law. We saw the different rooms that house the Senators, House of Representatives, and the Governor. Some of us were lucky enough that we even got to see our local Senator and Representative, Chris Bray and Harvey Smith! It was simultaneously knowledgeable and a blast.


Heroes in Kindergarten

Written by Caitlin Christie, Kindergarten Teacher

This past week I introduced the concept of heroes and what that means to us. We talked about people who try to make the world a better place like Martin Luther King Jr.), and why they are such important people. The students were intrigued by MLK’s work/words and we talked at length about treating everyone with kindness and respect. To solidify this understanding we started a project to show how we are all different but that we all want and feel the same things. What a great age to teach children about diversity, making change, and unity!