Author Kate Messner is coming to Beeman!



Kate Messner, the author of The Exact Location of Home and The Seventh Wish, will be visiting the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders at Beeman Elementary School on Monday, October 9th.  The Seventh Wish is one of the 30 books on this year’s Dorothy’s List.

Beeman is partnering with the Vermont Book Shop in Middlebury to offer a 20% discount on a selection of Kate Messner’s books.  The books will be delivered to Beeman the morning of the visit.  Order forms went home in Friday folders last week.  Tomorrow (Thursday, October 5) is the deadline for book orders.

The school library is purchasing two copies of The Exact Location of Home and a couple of her picture books.  We already have The Seventh Wish and The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

Happy reading!


Art Journals

The Beeman Art Studio comes alive with a modern version of the centuries old technique of paper marbling! After exploring the traditional marbling, students floated pigments on shaving cream to achieve a similar effect. They used their beautiful marbled paper to create journal covers. They painted bindings with gold metallic paint and even designed a braided cord to mark the pages of their journals.

Here are some students in action!


It has been a very positive start to the school year!  Students and staff are fully immersed in PBiS (Positive, Behavior, Interventions & Supports) and we are already having classroom celebrations and even a school-wide celebration!
Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.54.57 PM
Some questions you may have about PBiS:
What are these links we keep hearing about?
Beeman staff are noticing the positive things that happen here with great frequency, particularly when they are connected to our 3 school wide expectations.  We are using the links so that we have something tangible to pass to students as we acknowledge their positive behavior.  Students then take links and place them in their classroom jar.
What does a classroom celebration look like?
Each classroom will decide what they want to do once they have earned a classroom celebration by filling their jar.  As you can see in this photo, the “Share” class earned a celebration and chose to have a day when they were allowed to bring their favorite stuffed animal into the classroom.
What will the school wide celebrations be like?
Beeman students earned their first school-wide celebration on Monday.  The PBiS Leadership Team decides on the school-wide celebrations and we chose to surprise students with a celebration at B.E.S.T. (Beeman Elementary Sharing Time) this week.  While Ms. Evarts was speaking, music began to play and our new mascot appeared to let kids know they had filled the school-wide jar.  Instead of finishing B.E.S.T., students were able to go outside with the wildcat for a whole school recess.  Great way to start the day!

Ms. Davison’s Class Loves to Celebrate!

Ms. Davison’s class loves to celebrate… So on September 15th we got our painting clothes on and made dots. Why dots you may wonder…? Well Peter H. Reynolds is one of our favorite authors and he wrote a really important book called “The Dot”. This book inspired us to try new things, celebrate mistakes, and help others. Students worked together to share a variety of feelings and ideas about the book and we spent time creating our own dots. We hope you will be encouraged to give your own dot at try 🙂

-Ms. Davison